Metro Atlanta Telephone Pioneer ARC

MATPARC is a metro wide radio club covering the greater Atlanta area. Currently we have about 125 members. The club was formed by employees and retirees of the old Bell System. At the time this consisted of A.T.&T. and all the local telephone companies. However, with divestiture, companies like Southern and South Central Bell broke off and formed their own companies. Also, companies like Western Electric have evolved into Lucent Technologies, and the telephone companies have merged into BellSouth. Other companies such as Northern Telecom have also joined in the Pioneering effort and are active in our club. The club was formed in the late 70s and for several years remained an "employee" club. However, as the coverage of the repeater system grew, so did the number of users and people wanted to help fund the club projects. Accordingly, about 1988, it was decided to open the club to Supporting Membership. The club callsign, W4PME, is used on the club repeaters, and you will likely hear us at various schools doing demos and having fun.

Club Meetings

 Members from the downtown Atlanta area meet perioidically - contact K4PQC for details.

Covering North Georgia like the dew!
W4PME Repeater Systems

 The club repeaters have evolved from the original system on 145.41 MHz, but have grown to six repeaters. All transmitters are located atop the BellSouth Center at 675 West Peachtree, Atlanta and are about 750 feet about street level. Receivers for each repeater are also located there. The antenna heights are about equal to Stone Mountain and Sweat Mountain.

145.41 MHz (-.6 MHz offset)- 2 Meter repeater system, including a remote on Sweat Mountain, 22 miles NW of downtown Atlanta. The repeater is a Motorola tube type transmitter running about 90 watts output.   As a public service club, this repeater is dedicated to being ATLANTA'S CALLING FREQUENCY - a place where folks can meet each other for short contacts.  Thank you for moving longer QSOs, if possible, to one of the club's other repeaters or the many other fine repeaters in the Atlanta area.  If you observe bad behavior or some technical problems that require attention of a control operator, please call Jim Stafford, W4QO, immediately at 770-993-9500 or cell 404-281-8185.  Call also if you would like to reserve the repeater for a public service event.  We welcome use of the repeater for such purposes.

224.62 MHz (-1.6 Mhz offset) PL 100 - This repeater is on loan to the North FUlton Amateur Radio League and is located in their facility atop Sweat Mountain, in NE COBB County.  See for details.

443.15 MHz (+5 MHz offset) No PL - This repeater is housed in the NFARL facility in downtown Roswell and is aimed at Public Service work by the North Fulton ARES organization.

444.15 MHz (+5 MHx offset) PL 100 - A Motorola unit of late vintage.

421.25 MHz (Input: 434 MHz and 1253 MHz - FM) The club's ATV repeater can be seen by hooking an outdoor antenna to your cable input and tuning to channel 57. That is channel 57 CATV. This repeater is a member of the Atlanta ATV Network. This repeater has the callsign - W4ZTL


MATPARC is dedicated to public service.  Why not visit the state web page - Georgia Section Amateur Radio Emergency Service

Club Notables

Mark Croney, WZ4F

Owen Adair, KI4GT

Phil Specht, K4PQC

Please see QRZ.COM for their email addresses.

 MATPARC has a yahoo reflector FOR MEMBERS ONLY - To join, send a request to W4QO for details.

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